Computer - Laptop Repair

We have dedicated technicians for our in-shop repair service who are A+ certified. They will evaluate your PC to determine the root of the problem and the best course of action, and will provide free of charge an estimate of what your PC needs and how much it will cost. Other kinds of customized work is billed at a reasonable rate.

We offer some flat-rate services, such as re-installing a PC that has a bad virus or no longer works properly.

These services include:

Format and Reload

This service is available with and without data backup. This includes backing up your data, wiping out your hard drive and re-installing the windows operating system. Also included is all the drivers loaded, updates loaded and special protection software. We will also install other software that the client provides.

Virus Scan and Removal

This service includes scanning your pc until it is clean. After all the viruses are removed, we update the operating system and perform a basic system tune up.

Hardware Upgrade/Replacement

We can work on any hardware that you may have. If you want to upgrade your current system or have a failed component we will go over the system and evaluate what the system needs.

Laptop Repair

Laptops have become extremely popular. With that popularity comes a bigger chance of damage due to being dropped, sat on, or any number of unforseen circumstances. We can replace your screen, power jack or anything else that might go bad or be damaged.

The most common repair we see is due to viruses and all types of malware. It is almost impossible to look any information up on the Internet without "catching" some type of bug. The best action to take is a maintenance routine along with some basic usage tips.

  • Only visit trusted websites.
  • Do not open emails from someone you do not know.
  • Use social media sites responsibly.
  • Use the Internet with reponibility and common sense.

Windows 8 Pro

We provide a standard protection suite of anti-virus and anti-malware programs. These are all free for home use programs that perform just as well if not better than paid for software suites.

The anti-virus program we recommend is the Microsoft Security Essentials. This program has a small install footprint and scans your connection to the Internet and all emails coming in and outgoing.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

For residential and small business clients of several users, ICS recommends Microsoft Security Essentials. Most “paid for” antivirus products as well as some of the free ones, hinder computer use instead of just protecting it. Some of these programs adversely affect and change Windows operating system files and drastically slow the speed of the computer. Microsoft Security Essentials is totally free, does not require any annual registration key, and also freely updates over the Internet. For larger organizations ICS can recommend other protection software that is more suitable for larger numbers of computers.

So give us a call at 740-453-5953 or stop on by the shop if you need a computer repaired.