eBay Drop-off Store

Image Computer Solutions now offers eBay drop-off service. This new service is an easy way for you to generate income that is limited only by the quantity and value of things you have to offer for sale. Simply bring in your items to our store for a free consultation. We will research online the potential value of your items and the likelihood of a sale. You pay nothing up front for this service. You simply fill out a brief form for your goods, and we'll do the rest. If your item sells, we mail you a check. We operate an online eBay store, which provides your items maximum exposure, and also gives potential buyers the confidence and extra support that most individual auctioneers cannot offer.

All the documents you need to get started with our eBay service are available online. You can either print them out and bring them in with your items, or fill them out online and our eBay consultant will contact you promptly. Also, check out our frequently asked questions page. If you have any other questions or concerns, please give us a call (740-453-5953) and we will be happy to assist you.

In order to sell your items on ebay our consultant needs our contract sent to them. Click the button below to fill the form out online or click the printer printer to open a pdf that you can print out.